Writer's block: the nightmare of every writer

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Writer's block is a condition in which a writer loses the ability to write, to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.

This condition is not surely resulting from lack of writing skills or a sort of commitment issue because it is more about coming up with new, original and creative ideas to write about.

I personally went through it not once, not twice but many several times and it was a hard thing to deal with specially if it happened when I am engaged in a writing project, individual or collective, which put me under the pressure to create something that its wave has the same length as my usual creations, and I must admit that as a creator I don't feel libeataly creative in that process. This pressure to create emphasis this condition (writer's block) and it is considered as one of the causes of it. Plus to this cause, we have problems related with creativity that originate within the writer's work, and here we talk about when this writer runs out of inspiration or has many distractions like working on many things at one time as well as having lack of motivation to write.

Adverse circumstances related with the writer's personal life or career, can give birth to block writer's like physical or mental illnesses, financial issues, family conflicts,...etc.

Additionally, one's history in writing may cause writer's block if it was perceived as a negative one by the writer itself, the audience and the community of writers, without forgetting to mention the fear of comparison to other writers and the excessively harsh self-criticism that kill the creativity and increase the hardship.

As most of the causes may sound familiar and highly possible to happen to all of us, the solution to this nightmare might be a very simple and small action/gesture. And here is a list of things that might help overcoming writer's block:

- Meditation.

- A walk and fresh air.

- Developing a writing routine.

- Reading.

- Trying to write different genres than the one you write.

- Free writing.

- Balance your self-criticism

- Write for yourself.

- Journaling.

- Mapping out your story/thoughts.

- Doing some non-writing activities.

- Exercise your creative muscles.

- Quit the internet.

- Don't keep searching for inspiration and words, let them find you.

And last thing that I believe is the most important thing to remember while you are struggling with writer's block is that it is just a temporary condition and it takes time, patience and rest because our brains need pauses from time to time to relax their muscles and get back freshly to work again.

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