Why your life doesn't matter

I sat on the porch of our backyard while holding my morning coffee,

my tasting buds are just waking up too to taste the delicious grind coming directly from brazil. While I was sipping my coffee, I suddenly dropped the cup from my hand with such surprise I couldn't believe what my eyes just witnessed.

A flaming star came towards earth with such speed I couldn't help but gasp.

I ran towards the inside of the house to hear the TV blasting the news ( a meteor hitting the earth, 1 hour left). With all the power in me, I ran to the door but where to go?

 I grabbed the door handle and stood there for a few minutes, not knowing where exactly to go or where to head. Should I go to my parents' house and spend the last few minutes surrounded by family ? or should I visit my friends and spend the last minutes sharing a laugh with them? or should I visit my work and die between my art collection, the collection I spent my lifetime gathering. 

My lifetime... That thought stopped me, what is my life compared to the history of humanity, we appeared on earth around 300 thousand years ago but what will stay from our civilization?

would anything stay other than our pollution and plastic?

Would people look at our monuments stay here to tell the story of glorious people, or would our fossils show weak creatures who fought every day of their existence? Was any of our fighting worth it? Was any of my violence worth the trouble or was I just ignorant to our doom as humans?

Are we going to end just like dinosaurs?

Would a future civilization find our leftovers?

what would they say about us?

What would they say about me and every individual?

Could they tell that each one of us had dreams, hopes, and feelings?

Can they tell how I always wanted to help humanity?

or my dreams and hopes will die with me? 

I looked at the clock and realized 20 min has passed and realized that even if I have to go somewhere I wouldn't make it on time.

I grabbed the pot of coffee and poured myself a steaming hot cup and sat back down at the porch. I enjoyed the view, I took every breath of the fresh air and smell of my coffee. I looked around and took it all in, for once in my entire existence I actually started appreciating life.

I forgot about  conflicts, religions, economy, politics, wars and the only thought I had is ( what a beautiful life?)  I remembered the quote from Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" and I realized I did miss out trying to live but all I did is survive it. I looked at the meteor and realized that's what the poor dinosaurs felt like right before going extinct, and said in the name of all humanity ( farewell world, I loved you but it's time to say goodbye) As soon as the meteor was going to hit the earth, I fell from my bed.  Covered in cold sweat, I realized it was just a dream. I looked around and realized it was a message from beyond to realize how precious life is. Maybe I won't die as a great name in history, and maybe even our entire history has no meaning. We live and die in vain, and none of this indeed matters but doesn't that mean we could also give our own life our own meaning. I may be just discovered nihilism but perhaps it's a happy man's nihilism. We are too small to be in charge of the universe, too meaningless to be stuck upon conflicts and arguments, but we are too great to miss this beautiful life. So maybe you should go on that vacation, and maybe that restaurant should be tried, and why not ask your crush out. Life is too short and meaningless to give it this weight. Maybe all you need is a meteor to make you realize that, but fortunately, the earth is fresh out of those, so why not just a cup of coffee and a deep understanding of life. Cheers

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