What's happening right now in Palestine

Sheikh Jarrah is a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem and is home to over 3000 residents. The Israeli Court of Jerusalem ruled to evict 12 out of the 24 original Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah, to give their homes to the Israeli Jewish settlers. The court then decreed that each family must pay an average of 20000 $ in fees to cover the settlers’ legal expenses. Despite the issue running for decades now, the Sheikh Jarrah cause has escalated over the past week. Residents of Sheikh Jarrah and international solidarity activists have attended many night vigils to support the Palestinian families under the overwhelming threat of forced displacement. Social media users from all around the world have uploaded and shared video content and images about the attacks documenting the situation, and that by using the hashtag in both English and Arabic #SaveSheikhJarrah. Many have complained about being censored and even being blocked and shut down from posting about the incident. Marwa Fatafta, a policy member, told Al Jazeera that social media companies are silencing Palestinian voices while fighting for their survival. Many videos emerged on the net over the week showing Israeli settlers deliberately provoking a Palestinian communal Iftar meal outside one of the houses using pepper spray. Palestinians on the other hand responded by throwing chairs at the settlers as a sign of protest against the violent act. Several US lawmakers have spoken out against the unfair attacks and the imminent forced displacement of the families in Sheikh Jarrah.

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