We are all traces

December 2020,

Like the trace of your feet in the sand, it sticks around for a moment, wondering if the water will reach it and make it disappear or if it won’t, until someone comes to make it vanish or simply replace it with his own feet and the circle of this event will remain in an endless loop. Isn’t this what we all going to be , traces that only few people will be able to see ? Only a body, buried deep down a grave that few people will visit and remember. Because for some of them, we will only be a book or a page that they read and forgot about its name yet, here you are now, trying to keep pleasing people and make them a priority instead of making yourself one, we keep searching for someone to make us feel full, worthy and valued when all what we need is ourselves, whatever you’re going to do for the person you desire to find someday, do it for yourself, and all the things you want to hear from the so said person, you can say them to yourself with your own voice.

You don’t need someone to make you feel complete because none of us is, and will never be,

you’re not broken, therefore you don’t need the perfect piece and you have what requires to

make yourself proud. We spend most of our time scared of becoming someone who was already here, to leave a trace of our own in a world, that few will find, few will live in. We spend time worrying about what we’re going to become after taking our last breath. Don’t be silly! we are all destined to be just a memory, that some will remember, some will not, sometimes, the one that will might shred a tear or two, then move on with their lives as if we never existed. We are all a forgotten memory, remembered by the ones that once truly loved us: parents... friends...

We keep rushing through everything in this life, we keep working to gain money and living for it, without even enjoying it, or making time to live for anything besides for us: for ourselves as a priority. We keep ignoring or maybe, lying to ourselves that we have more time as if we are immortals and we will be here forever, while actually our next step can be our last and all this money, fortune we collect will go to waste, and we won’t get to enjoy it, as the idea of money is everything blindes us, until one day you’re in a bed paralyzed, facing all the money you made but have no power to even raise a finger, to enjoy the simplest things with that wealth. Then, you see your life passing by you, realizing that you sacrificed your whole life for everything, yet,


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