Trump impeached for the second time for encouraging insurrection.

16 January 2021,

President Donald Trump is being impeached for the second time and this time for inciting insurrection on behalf of the pro-trump mob attack that happened in the Capitol Building last week, 10 members of his party joined with democrats in the house to charge him with "Incitement of Inserruction" for his role in encouraging the mob.

Lawmakers voted 232 to 179 to approve one impeachment article that accused President Trump of "Inciting violence against the government of the United States" in his attempt to overturn the election result therefore he will never be able to be qualified to hold public office again.

Outside the House chamber, US National guard troops were gathered in a picture of exhaust as they sleep in every corner of the Capitol building in their uniforms, making sure no other mob attacks will take place as they have last week.

A dramatic week in US History left everyone under shock by what some activists called "a terrorist attack" last week, leads to a second impeachment for President Trump. In the house chamber, lawmakers were forced to wear masks and go through metal detectors which were meant to stop them from bringing guns onto the floor, some republicans; however, went through the machines without stopping setting the alarms, several democrats said they had concerns that far-right colleagues might have played a role in making the attack easier for the attackers last week, and they requested an investigation immediately.

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