The story of me loving me

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

21 January 2021,

Since I was a kid I used to hear from everyone that you should love people, respect them, share with them, feel them and so on, but no one ever said to me love yourself, respect yourself, feel yourself,... So I had to do it all with myself but in secret. I used to hide that I am my favorite person, I am the person that I love the most, respect and care about, that I am the person with whom I feel the most comfortable and I am my first priority.

Then I started growing up and my feelings towards myself did so till I couldn't hide them as I used to do, and it's in that time when almost everyone stared seeing me as a SELFISH, HEARTLESS AND COLD GIRL.

And the funny part about it all is that my reaction towards all those rejections was giving myself more love, respect and attention instead of giving others a little more.

This little experience that I do have with selflove is a one that I always make sure to share with people because selflove is a gift and a grace that can flourish your soul and make it bloom in the middle of the fall season.

Usually we tend to give others all the feelings and the goodness that we carry inside of us while the first person who deserves it is ourselves. I'm not against giving others but against giving only others. So before that you love, feel, accept and respect others, love, feel, accept, and respect yourself first then you can do so with others.

I can not say what is really the reason behind all this fear and rejection towards self-love and always starting from ourselves first but all what I can say is not doing so will make you always needy and craving love from others, desperately needing others to love you and keep doing so; and no matter how many will do and how much you will receive you will never feel it is enough because self-love is an irreplaceable love.

This little story of mine with self-love added to stories of struggles with this topic specifically of many people I met in this life, made me use my words, my poetry to put the highlight on self-love to end up dedicating my first published poetry book "Once upon a season" to bring this topic under the light and speak about its importance hoping that this may make a difference for at least one person.

We are all looking for love here and there, praying for someone else's heart to fulfill and warm our hearts, longing for a soft embrace to hold us and nourish our souls so we can grow and bloom by love, in love and with love.

About the book

Once upon a season is a journey leading to that magical love that we always wished for. Once upon a season is an invitation from me to you, to dive inside of you and feel the love existing within you, to live under the sky of an irreplaceable love that can grow only inside of you to be your perfect needed dose of love. Once upon a season is your own love story where you are the lover and the beloved at one time. Once upon a season is a collection of poetry full of love and other feelings that come with, written with so much love only to find your heart and make it feel loved.

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