The shining light of Ashka

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

9th January 2021,

Rap, an artistic way to express whatever your heart and mind tries to say, in the industry where lots were able to master their work and make it as meaningful and entertaining, the journey of ASHKA, our growing artist, starts with a passion for music, since a young age, his father was a fan of Jazz, so the sounds of the healing voices never left his ear while growing up. The journey started around 2012 where our artist found his way to his first draft surrounded by some friends, when the idea of producing their own work, kicked in: ‘’ we realized we needed a "Producer" and a "Sound engineer" to take care of all the technical work, Then I got the Idea that at least one of us should learn about making music and sound engineering to make through. Since we were 3 guys, I took the advantage.’’ With a loop of faith and courage, Ashka pulled it up together and started to produce his own beats as well as his hits. Though the rough path started in 2012 it was only in 2018 when he was able to publish his first hit, later that sooner, due to life engagement. Music isn’t just a hobby to Ashka, it’s more of a way of living, or shall I say a reason to continue giving, something he’ll keep doing until he takes his last breathe. That is due to the way he sees music, something that we can barely notice in the nowadays Rap singers: a remarkable devotion. This way of self expression doesn’t get shaped in words only, but also in the way the waves of sounds are shaped, and he is keen to make the best outcome of it. the credits of his pretty outstanding work goes to his team, that includes video editors, and makers, they go by the name ‘’W.T.M.H Squad’’, supported by the KOOLSHIT music, that holds a good number of great Moroccan beat makers and musicians that always give more and more to the fellas in the industry. As this type of art means a lot to our Moroccan singer, he likes to put himself in the best state of mind while writing, to clear his head and give the best product possible; his safe place, his studio, where his true love lives.

After being asked if we will see in the near feature some collaborations, the answer was clear and loud, a very convincing: ‘’I prefer to work alone because my music direction is kind of unique of it kind yet not very known, so I get some troubles understanding other artists' ideas or to merge them with mine, but you never know! ‘’ Our 25 years old artist does not stop surprising us, as we are the first to let you know that there are upcoming singles this year, or maybe even THIS MONTH!

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