The Rising Star.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

December 2020,

Between the fangs of the industry and the love of art.

As 2020 ends, the light shines on one of the rising stars in the new generation of music industry, the art of expressing the feelings that overwhelm us, from his lips to our hearts.

Asaad, a young singer that has spoken art and gratitude through his sounds, something that this new year needs to confess: the honesty of the heart.

Since a young age, music spoke to him clear and loud, from listening to Michael Jackson to Cheb Khaled during the car rides with his dad, the love of such art comes, apparently, from deep roots, a musical ear, one must say.

The influence of such mixed genre lead the artist to aim his goals into putting in sight the cultural differences, as to be embraced and cherished, inspired by the beats of this industry, that themselves come from different backgrounds.

In the teenage years, Asaad started to make his own beats and lyrics, defining himself from others but never too shy to ask for help, the support of other fella singers changed his perspective and sat him in the best side of his ambition.

« I reached out to singers that were able to make a place in this industry like Sobhhi, his advices were priceless, and very much appreciated,to be humble and to advice a fellow artist is always a sign of growth and understanding.»

Getting his way through this minefield, where music became basically, commercial, singing for the sake of it, looking to make money and sponsor big brands instead of sending a meaningful pack of words, Asaad works twice as hard to keep it real and true.

Getting inspired to write your best piece is never an easy plan, but that never prevented him from pushing his inner self to give a 100%, throughout life experience and daily feelings, Asaad pours his heart into his work, regardless what he has been through or what he sees in this world that aches him, he aims to focus on what comes after that, rather than what caused it. A thing that many artists find hard to do.

When asked about his routine, our upcoming artists answers simply with ‘’ clarity’’, the new generation identification doesn’t affect his mind nor life, instead of hiding behind the bars of drugs, parties, and alcohol, he finds his peace near the shore, facing the waves and the sunset, or even climbing to the highest point to stay away from the toxicity of the modern stressed world, and also to get the best of himself for his new album that is hopefully, coming soon.

As the artist would like to keep his identity secret, he tends to make his message loud, inspiring and heart warming, speaking about the things that rarely men do, making clear point of their feelings, speaking of heart breaks, and even the void that comes after that, such as in his song November (Interlude).

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