The new Gods wishes you a happy new year

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

December 2020,

“Every day we stray further from God”; a sentence we have been hearing for ages and now, we believe is a good comment whenever we see something demeaning, but truly, how close are we to pushing the boundaries between us, the type of humans we always been and the gate of pissing off the gods?

Since the beginning of humanity, mankind was known for worshiping Gods and putting faith before the doubt. It created a certain meaning and comfort around the world. However, the Great Lord stood by the people and gave them what to worship, and it’s usually represented in fortune, strength, health, prosperity, the power of war, life, and last but not least love. Throughout history the number of Gods has changed around the earth, the faces were redrawn on the temples and people prayed to different powers. Gods knew ups and downs but humans were always known to be the believers who stray further in the worshiped strong wings of protection, starting with the Gods of the forgotten times, in which we couldn’t even restore the belief system in some tribes in Africa, but only some sculptures that were known to give guidance where humans didn’t surpass the thousand in one tribe. A few years later the nubbin and Egyptian tribe came along only to form a higher power and pass it to multiple Divinity that was split into newly developed categories involving supreme material, such “earth/sun/air/moon” and of course the trending new trick called magic had a goddess to look over it, and finally the supreme beings of health, love, death Thanatos and certainly, war. The Egyptian Gods can be counted around 2000 and they had familial ties that vary between marriages and brotherhood, but the Greeks walked on the other side of the road and choose to keep it a short but sweet list that had Zeus on the top.

Step by step the Devine figures grew and reached thousands before even reaching the 800s as they traveled with their people whenever they went and followed their fierce soldiers on the battlefields. Gods used to love to be worshiped and love, blood was thrown on their behalf, a sword was it or fire; Gods looked a lot like the believers and got their skin color and mentality and even loved their culture and local food. Certainly, no Greek God ordered a taco bell or a Viking God asked the people “to chillax”. Unfortunately, they were put to the grave after a few millennials and got forgotten then brought up in the cheesy video games and documentaries you watch while scrolling through your Instagram feed. The Gods were worshiped, to the sound of their name a grown man could shake in his boots, yet now, it’s barely known by 10% of the population worldwide. After Itzamn the God of the Maya’s was sacrificed to on a regular basis, now you probably wonder who Itzman is and if it’s a new app. Dear reader now you may see a pattern manifesting, how we switched the Gods we once knew to the new worshiped and cherished, shiny new toys brought up from the saint Steve Jobs. The new Gods are not as glorious as men or women nor scary creatures, but rather the things you wake up to and sleep too. The Gods that provide you water into the tube in your own house, which brings you the prosperity of the microwaved pizza while streaming you the silliest videos to watch while waiting for it to beep. The Gods that took the hand in the stock market just enough to make sure you keep working 10 years hard enough to get your dream job to spend all the money back to them, only to look up and the sky and say ‘ what a beautiful life’ as you were tutored by that Instagram influencer. These Gods have taken worship to new limits that none of the old civilization would dream of; that you can take off someone’s legs but not his Wi-Fi and beloved computer. the Lords that showed the heaven in your pocket and streamed you the dreams and illusion but kept you begging all your life to keep the dreams coming and as soon as you take off the colored glasses you stumble upon the darkest view you have encountered, that even conspiracy theorist could never predict such thing. Old Gods have always asked for a human sacrifice or to give up a certain necessity for a while such as food or sex or even communication with others, but now your conscience is taken away from you so is, slowly, your sanity. The new times have arrived and we took the pill silently because it was put in our delicious pizza and our wonderful chipolata, was spoken up by our favorite faces that they were thrown into a big cloud of fake but very sweet heavenly life. Our Savior now may be a man with a suit and tie or even a Goddess with the glory purple Instagram aura around her or even the crisp sweet dollar bill, but let’s face it, we are slaves to ourselves and what happened in 2020 was the smallest bittersweet taste and the beginning of what we might see later. Humankind stood up in the face of his old Gods and nature itself and named new leaders that were the wolf in the sheep’s clothing. We went so far in our games and now we are paying, as humans found themselves doomed a dozen times, we once more shall be doomed for forgetting who we are and where we came from. Welcome to the new chapter of the doomsday and happy New Year.

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