MGTOW stands for "men going their own way.” It is a movement that started in the USA to give voice to men who are victims of family court, the legal system, and third wave feminism. The movement firmly advocates for the rejection of modernity and the embrace of masculinity. In an oversimplification you can say that the MGTOW is the exact polar opposite of modern feminism. Modern feminists push the notion that women do not need men. In contrast, the MGTOW endorses the notion that men do not need women. Although Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, and Joe Rogan are not officially affiliated with the movement, they are considered key figures in it due to the overlap between their mindsets and the MGTOW ideology. Andrew Tate is a brazen and loud get-it-done professional kickboxer and business man. His videos and speeches are currently viral on TikTok due to the fact that he has actually done all the things he is preaching. The man calls for strength, mental resilience, toughness, and for men to strive to be better versions of themselves. He got linked to the movement due to his borderline misogynistic ideas and his brutally masculine frame. Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychotherapist, an author, and a speaker. His main goal as he himself had stated is to help people in general, especially young men. Peterson has a huge following that consumes his content and follows his words mostly because everything he says is backed by facts, statistics, and studies. His most famous quote on the matter is: "You should be a monster. An absolute monster. And then you should learn how to control it.” It is a quote which reflects his ideas that it is not an option for a man to be a Man, but rather a necessity. His linking to the MGTOW did not only come from his statements that men and women are fundamentally different, and that men should be strong, and that weakness is not an option, but also due to his seemingly right winged ideals. As per Joe Rogan... Well, he is Joe Rogan! He is the center of discord, and opinions are highly conflicted when it comes to him. One disputable fact about him that linked him to the MGTOW is that he is a man's man, and he is comfortable in his own skin despite the constant controversy around him. The MGTOW killed the notion of love, and they label anyone who is in love as a "simp". They compartmentalize all women as evil, emotional, and out to get them. They ignore the fact that these "females" (the term they use to address women) are only a fraction of the US population, and are even less frequent in societies such as ours. Although we have been affected by modernity and western culture, we are far from being a westernized country. Furthermore I believe that the notion of evil is not restricted to one gender, because as we say: "بنادم حجر وطوب." If you flip the telescope and look through it, and see this whole situation from a far away point of view, you will find that modern feminism and MGTOW’s red pillars are simply post modernists that preach on a fundamental level the disassembly of nuclear families. Nuclear families are the backbone of every society, and their fall would be the catalyst that will demolish the current one, and spawn a whole new society. An amoral, detached, and consequently chaotic society. With that, I leave you to ponder these questions: Is the MGTOW the solution to modern feminism? Or is it just an opposing and equally destructive force? Will it save men from a broken society? Or will it furthermore contribute to its downfall? Is it the equalizer? Or is it just the reincarnation of the incel phenomenon but with added aggression?

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