The message

I'm dying of thirst in the middle of a lake With the water drops all fake Where my thirst is all my mistake And my emotions are in an outbreak I'm dying of thirst and none of the swimmers stopped to hand me a drop of water In this world where everything is a buzz matter I rather die of thirst than take a sip out of the bloody water Where it's filled with blood from all the manslaughter Who am I fooling still writing about thirst while I'm way above wastewater Moved from packing Lunchable to fully comfortable From dreams of getting hit by cupid To coming back to being stupid When all the tears are overlooked for the 20 minutes of success With the hashtag god bless While I try to let go of my burden But behind the curtains, I'm still hurting I guess I was born to make mistakes I hoped life had multiple takes To go back in time and save dead dreams That was manslaughtered on the shore of the lake of thirst Metaphors crossing real life it seems But in this constructive life, I'm not the first One of many and many in one Too many that I become none So tired while I had just begun Still so hung up on the comments That I forget they're all nonsense Acting like two legends can't coexist In the comparison, they insist When I pour my heart out they look at what I missed They have no idea how many times I woke up with murder on my mind And I'm the target if I wasn't so blind I didn't realize anything that cost you peace of mind is too expensive I kept paying until I lost all my senses Where my mental health is a second-degree citizen What a world we live in But I got my success and I don't give a f*** Even if the world wanted me to be on 2m TV In the homicide section but I got on the section called ME You may think I'm doing art But all I'm doing is clearing my mind Since I was a little kid staring out my blinds Till I got away from my mom's leash And I become like a stray dog under the heat A dog that never read the classics But heard Brenda's story And realized the baby was never alive Died in the sewers and never got a chance to survive The message is clear Brenda got a baby Two cameras and a mic and 10 million views and an old lady The recipe for a society that went crazy Crazy enough to teach me I got to make a move and I got to do this now Before they shoot me down And I drown in the lake of thirst To realize the blood was always mine When I died as a king with no crown Never realized I was this cursed And the shot that killed me was mine And still, be forever alive Because my words are timeless and they'll always thrive every word is so fire like I'm rubbing two sticks Coming from a hot head stubborn as a brick Even when I die my words will stick to your mind Even when the meaning is hard to find These lines I'm writing are gospel For souls that are hostile When life gives us a way into heaven We dig 6 feet deep because we know our sins are unforgiven No praying for me can do any good Because god's blessings don't reach the hood My mother's prayers went into the governer's pocket But I hustled in to take my money back when they screamed lock it Still hustling and fighting Them Him Her Or even it But most importantly fighting my demons until they quit This is too long for a poem That's why I never rhyme because if I do your favorite poet will start claiming I know him I'm still no role model My spirits are still trapped in a bottle Maybe one day when the sun hits right I will rise from the dead so bright Because always expect me to comeback Like Jesus who came in the pitch black I'll always be back ... always

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