The importance of having a mantra.

Words are powerful, so are symbols. Develop your mantra, a succession of words or symbols that empowers you from a certain source of inspiration that you have. Let this mantra be the reason you wake up every day and let it be your source of motivation, your source of power, energy and positivity.

It is by creating calluses around your head and fertilize it with a source of power that you would be to rise to the occasion and fight for whatever is it you want.

It is not wrong to feel weak or feel that life is hard, what's wrong however is to victimize yourself and sit down blaming everything around rather than doing something about it.

When life gets hard, use those words, that mantra to empower you and keep you fighting. If you need a fighting spirit, it is very important to cultivate your very own mantra.

This picture represents Sol (Sun) a source of energy that was thought to be infinite by the ancient. Many achievements were made possible because of the power that they thought was giving to them by the sun throught out the day.

The choice of the sun as an extreme entity is done by the same process which we perceive lions as king of the jungle and not another animal, it is a matter of collective unconsciousness as decribed by Carl Jung. We do in fact perceive many things approximately the same way even without previous experience or contact.

If you manage to make your mind believe that the sun gives you energy, then you would be able to feel more energy rushing through you. Same analogy as those seeking Thor or Zeus for power or Odin for wisdom. You might call it attraction law, I'd rather go into it in a more stimulus and response analogy.

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