The blessed country

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

8th January 2021,

January rain comes flooding over the city of Casablanca like a shower of blessings that drowns it in waves of water from above, in this kind of time the honesty of politicians are put to the test through the city’s infrastructure. Unfortunately this time the streets failed to absorb the water and so did the politicians their last tests before the upcoming election, which made many journalists and activists raise a big question mark on why is Morocco so behind in all of the fields? Why are we still living in the old times while we have a competent population and many projects that made Casablanca’s economy beating heart of Africa?

In these upsetting times in the pandemic and the vaccine just reached the shores of the Moroccan empire, the depression rate has never been higher between the lines of the young and the elder. The feelings of sadness and sorrow are melting the hearts of the citizens, while everyone is waiting for the bridge that will take us to a safer place.

Morocco has always been the land of happiness and joy, with the need of nothing, the pure smile from the bleeding heart, the land of generosity and free soul with a never-ending positivity for tomorrow, but over the last 30 years we saw a big shift and turn of events that made every heart ask the very sad question that the famous band hoba hoba spirit put as “ is Morocco really is our home or is it just our parent’s” the question that made so many desperate members of our generation flee the country in scary numbers that made the workforce in the country get smaller day by day. This kind of times made people really wonder what it truly means to be Moroccan, and how hard it is to process all what’s happening in the world and still, have enough energy to process local news and finally the daily life to life encounter with personal problems. Basically, every time you open social media or TV you end up with a complexity of stress and anxiety, enough dosage to bother you for the rest of the day. That type of negative energy and struggle can issue depression for every 1 in 3 Moroccan and cause many severe problems, such as the dark thoughts that make a person stuck in an endless loop of laziness and have no energy to carry on with the day or even lead to self-harming thoughts and addiction. The problem doesn’t stop here, but goes farther than that, to reach the lack of the understanding of the mental illnesses in our dear Kingdom.

To all this we want you to stay strong and to remember that a true Moroccan isn’t just named so but has a spirit of a fighter that never rests until he gets what he wants. The spirit that is represented by the Moroccan single moms that take care of 5 kids and still find time to take care of each, it is represented in the wrinkles on the face of each worker that built this country and fought the French colonization to leave, it is represented in each one of us waking up every morning either to go to study or work and make this nation keep going. Maybe we had a rough few years in the past and we still struggle with the politics and infrastructures even with the smallest human rights. We may even be so different from cultures around the world and feel so behind compared to other nations, but we shouldn’t lose our identity, our self-love and appreciation, and most importantly, help one another not sabotage each other for a better future. If you are reading this I want you to not lose hope because better days are coming and the sun will shine, even on this drowning land

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