The Blanket

It was a rainy day and, as always, I had forgotten my umbrella at home. I had already known that I was going to get sick, ignoring the fact that it was raining. The man next to me tried lighting a cigarette, and, weirdly, he succeeded. And what’s even weirder was that he was following me ever since I had left the bus! Not paying any more attention to him, I shut down the feeling that was telling me that something was wrong and kept on going my way, only speeding up a bit. I finally engaged on the road that led to my building.

Hoping that the man would change directions, I stopped walking; but, at that moment, I heard his footsteps stop too! I could feel the panic filling me. “What does he want?” I didn't have money on me, and I wasn't wearing anything valuable either! I started going faster; he followed me faster! His footsteps matched my heartbeats! I finally arrived at the door of the building and opened it aiming for the elevator then for the stairs. I took gigantic steps, and finally arrived at my apartment door when I noticed that the man was gone.

I was being paranoid and had probably scared the poor man. Erasing these thoughts from my brain, I opened the door and took off my wet coat. I decided to make myself a cup of tea and to take a shower. I entered the kitchen and started filling up the kettle with water and put on it stove, then I left the kitchen to go get some clothes from my room. And before I could even understand what was happening, I felt a hand on my mouth then was thrown on the bed. Then he started strangling me with the blanket. I fought and tried to stop him, but he was stronger than me. I finally let go and took my last breath.

When the police arrived at the women's place, the only evidence that was left behind was some ashes and a cigarette butt next to the door [...]

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