The bittersweet meaning of life

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The following article is not meant to be entertaining nor fun or aesthetically pleasing but rather exists to be a stop or a checkpoint in one’s life, a sort of article to read when you lose touch with yourself and reality through life, people, or by being self-destructive. what I like to refer to as the safe haven.

Ramadan is an amazing month that we all go through looking forward to the whole year but we pass through the opportunity of making the best experience in one’s life, not only spiritually but also mentally, allowing our self experience the best exercises of being in the present moment and We must exercise every mental muscle we possess. Through excessive living and being too deep into our daily lives all year, We become so engrossed in our own thoughts that we lose contact with our true reality, a state that is hard to describe with words but rather lived by many of us when we overthink every step of our way and forgetting the step of actually living. One must realize that as humans, we are made to survive, and we must continue to do so, but rather the humans learned how to overthink surviving that they took their own lives on the daily, and all comes back to that chatter in the skull that leads into the darkest states of anyone’s life. When we all know that dreaming is not evil and that it is what makes us human, excessive thinking transforms us from humans into prisoners trapped in the pursuit of impulses we don't even care about, and the sorrow of wasting precious time that we spent wondering about other times that have passed. But in reality, we must keep going on with the goal of surviving and living the life we meant to live and realize that thinking is just a tool and overthinking is the result of a bad master.

Once you step out of your own mind and the world of illusions created to fool you, you would find the reality that’s very hard to take in all at once but we have a certain number of days to take reality one moment at a time, every blink is a new beginning for you to realize how lucky you are to live in such a realm that existed for you and me, for us to run and chatter with each other rather than live in the illusion in one’s mind. Open your eyes so wide instead of looking at it through your screen a few days later and realizing the moment has gone while you were filming it. And I’m not trying to put you down or your style of living but I want you to realize that life is nothing but … click here

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