Just a couple of days ago, I’ve decided to go out with a couple of friends to a crowded place, which is something that we don’t do very often, so it was an opportunity to have fun, hang around. What caught my attention the most is the behavior of people.

    If your a friend of mine, then you’d know that I study successful people, and I read about their attitude and behavior towards work and life in general, what I’ve noticed is that average people spend their time wondering about doing whatever gets them in the mood of doing, and they can spend the whole day doing so without a single moment of regret and self-awareness.

    And don’t get me wrong, we all make the same mistake, it’s just that there are levels to it. Your friend may waste the whole weekend. On the other hand, you may waste the whole week.

    The issue has to do with strategy, time strategy to be specific.

    We fail to strategize everything.

    Every battle is won before it's ever fought. 

    Think about everything you’re venturing as battle, whether it’s a job interview, an exam, a normal day, you have to have a plan, a strategy in place, otherwise, you’ll be relying on luck, other and circumstance to decide your fate.

    The more you strategize, the better off you’ll be at planning, the more the likelihood of you getting what you want.

    Strategy applies to everything, literally.

    Take a husband that constantly fights with his wife for example, he decides one day to strategize the way he treats his wife. He puts a plan in place. If she does that, then I’ll do that. Remember to do this before she does it. The next day, the wife is surprised at how thoughtful and caring her husband is. 

    Now the real question is, how can I strategize, what factors should I rely on when I’m making a plan?

    It’s a simple task. You put a plan in action for whichever activity you’re doing that’s important to you. 

    The game is mostly a mind game. Let’s say you have a job interview. Sit down, ask yourself all the possible questions that the interviewer might ask you, all the things that might happen, think hard, then design a plan which consists of the things you’ll do to handle these situations, be creative, do your research, and you’ll find yourself more evolved and more skilled than before, just by being more thoughtful.

    A simple exercise will give you a significant advantage, since the average person doesn’t think he’s either stressed, emotional, or careless. 

    Keep in mind, that it’s all a mind game.

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