‘’Spiral’’ the series.The new face of detest.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Spiral a police procedural and legal drama series, that has been aired for over a decade and a half, on French and British television, it has been doing so well, that it actually reached its eight season, which helped the series to reach the screens of over 70 countries around the world, receiving wide-ranging critical acclaim throughout its run, and has been nominated and won several awards. It has been nominated at the Globes de Cristal Awards four times, winning once.

During the series’s first and second episode of the eight and last season, the scene rolled on The laundromat murder. The fallout from l’affaire Gilou continues, When a dead kid shows up in a tumble dryer, Laure is all over that action like caramelised onion on a croissant.

The unfortunate youth, known nominally as Shkun, was part of a loose collective of undocumented minors from Morocco, living in squats and running wild in the 18th arrondissement. Early suspect Souleymane spends his days mugging tourists and his nights bombed on benzos. He is not above violence against his friends, either, as the assault on Shkun reveals.

The series treated the issue of poverty and violence in the lines of the Moroccan youth, yet treated the issue as a rule, not an exception. Calling Moroccans, with no exception, thiefs, muggers, and ‘’violent youth’’, has drawn expressions of disappointment on the face of many Moroccan fans.

The rate of crime in France per 1000, is now at 61.03 % Ranked 14th 48% more than United States, while Morocco is at 50.93 %, as for drug use France scores a 8.6% Ranked 4th. 2 times more than Morocco, as for Violence (gun crime), France is ranked 12th. 6 times more than Morocco, statistics made by Nation Master.

After stating the above, this clears out the fact that in every country, in the world, crimes exist as well as violence and hate crimes. The French series Spiral might have tried to show a part of the society’s issues, tried to explain to the simple minds, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it accused a whole country of being corrupted, while it holds the highest rates compared to us. Which leads to, underlining the immigrants situation, their actions are not a generalized truth.

The effect of such ‘’incomplete’’ accusation, sent by such media in such a way, can cause a lot of damage on the Moroccan society, as we will be seen as barbarians, as our youth will be blooded with hate words from foreigners that have been taught wrongfully.

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