Shaaban starts on Monday in Morocco.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Morocco announced that Monday, March, 15th 2020 is the first day of the Hijri month Shaaban, in an official statement, the ministry announced that it observed the crescent "moon" of the eighth-month of the Islamic calendar after the sunset.

Shaaban is the eight-month of the Islamic "Hijri" year calendar, which comes before the holy month of Ramadan, and this latter is expected to start on April 12th. As for the last Ramadan, this one will also arrive in a difficult time for the whole world with the covid-19 pandemic but the only difference this time is that there's more hope for the disease to soon vanish.

Muslims all over the world start getting ready in Shaaban with all mental, physical, and financial preparations for the welcoming of the holy month of Ramadan because it's only 30 days away.

And it is worthy of mentioning that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also expecting the start of Shaaban month on the same day as Morocco.

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