Set your life in order

Don’t we all aim to set our lives in order? Isn’t that the ultimate goal of each part of our lives? Well, it is very important to do so for the mere reason that without order, chaos reigns. Order is what we know, as it is phrased, the order is our known territory, it is what we know and what we feel comfortable at doing. Order is when each of what we do holds meaning where we can predict the outcomes with fair precision. Chaos, on the other hand, is when we can not do that. We can’t, at all, predict how things can affect us nor how what we do can affect our lives.

In order to step out of that chaos and regain control, or rather, live in order, one must understand how order is created. Setting your life in order isn’t about creating a tight schedule with plenty of things to do. It isn’t about saying to yourself that you are beautiful and that you can do amazing things in your life. It is rather when whatever you do in your life holds meaning to whatever it is you want to achieve. For example, to put an end to work for a certain objective won’t make you as productive as putting it as putting the objective as an end and the work as means to that end. If you can set a priority of values, aka, the most valuable things to do and most importantly understand that they are merely means to end, this means that you won’t get bored doing such tasks, it wouldn’t make you as mad or disappointed because you do not get gratification from that action but rather you do it because you know that you’re delaying a certain gratification until the end is reached through that means. Understand that life is a process by which not all that you do can offer you that gratification, life isn’t about gratifying you for every single thing you do. The opposite of that is when someone constantly looks for social gratification, it is maybe the only thing in which you can almost instantly get that gratification but is it worth it? Is it exactly related to something that you really want to do or is it merely doing things that you do not necessarily want to do in order to please others to get that dose of oxytocin? Staying on course, Delaying gratification by seeing your daily tasks as values according to a priority that you create depending on the things you want to achieve. Think about it as that five minutes of a movie when the main character goes to a Bootcamp and starts working out for a big fight. It takes months, sometimes years of preparation that you end up seeing in five minutes for the mere reason that it does not necessarily have a lot mouvement nor a lot of gratification. What that character is doing throughout that Bootcamp is delaying his gratification by giving all into focusing on his priorities which is in his case training to then get that gratification at the end of the fight or maybe even the day after when everyone is still talking about him. Life isn’t so different from this, not every moment that you live should be paired with gratification but it should be paired with constant work and values.

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