Persona non grata

It was a dreary day, he woke up early with a forced grim expression on his face, as a nervous dinosaur came to life again. The unbearable echo of yesterday's humiliation from his Boss about a certain failing deal, with a new customer, due to the lack of WGS (Wiliness Greed Skills), added to that, some three hours of being stuck in a traffic jam were still reverberating in his mind. He dressed casually in white, then suddenly, he remembered something. He murmured to himself "Oh, it is Thursday, I have an appointment with my psychiatrist, ouch! I totally forget that".Some few minutes ahead, he made his mind to pass by him because he felt a strong urge to relax under the hypnosis and to escape the peer pressure, so he headed towards the clinic. .......In that usual room, lying on his back, reflecting on his feelings --especially the profound ones, The Man has hypnotized again, and such comforting silence permeated the room. The Psychiatrist neared the Man and asked him a question, "How are you, Man"? The Man replied sarcastically with such a bombastic style; "just like yesterday..the day before..the one before and before, the one of now and maybe of tomorrow".The psychiatrist asked again" I did not get what you mean Man! Can you explain more?".The Man laughed loudly, "Yeah of course I can explain, I am here, but not here, maybe there or somewhere else, where even I do not know where". All right, said the psychiatrist. Can you illustrate a bit more Man?".The Man laughed again, but suddenly his eyes welled up with tears, and he started crying childishly before daring to reply, " I am always here, but my mind takes me somewhere else, where the sea is my home, where the sky is my roof..where the under-trees is my resort.. where fishes, birds, and cats are my siblings. He silenced and said, Doctor! Tell me, is it a life rule to be competent in WGS? since my boss, yesterday, told them publically pointing at me that "this guy is a persona non grata because he is bad at WGS", even some of my colleagues, at the workplace, said the same. What shall I do, doctor? Shall I learn how to be wily or not? Shall I learn how to get new profits by any means or not? Shall I turn into a modern slave or not? I am wondering, doctor! The doctor gazed at The Man curiously and answered him, It is up to you, you can determine what, when, and where to be! T..T..To be! The man repeated the word softly! I want to be 'Me', a doctor, and the pure 'Me' born with me can master neither G nor W skills. If only I could live in a world where WGS is banned...if only...Doctor. He sighed and shushed for a moment, then resumed, Oooh! Doctor, I have some inborn power that drives me to distance myself from G and W skills. He sighed deeply again, and continued, do you know Doctor! I have never felt at home, I am a mere stranger in my home, but since I have been told that wolves and lions are my brothers from another mother, I have never kowtowed to someone, I am a Man of pride, I cannot be a replica. I was born to be 'Me' and just a good 'Me'. The Man, herein, sighed profoundly and ceased talking. The psychiatrist contemplated him with a sight of sympathy, and raised another question, he said "Do you regret your resistance, your purity, your pride, and your difference, Man?". At this moment, The Man was deadly hypnotized, he neither laughed nor cried, he just uttered some sequential chants, .... A bird is my friend, And I am his Free on the top of the mountain, Eating some pease Searching such fountains, In case there is.. In case there is.. In case there is.

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