People project their own miseries onto other people.

28 January 2021,

You would most likely notice that. When something happens in your life that makes you feel a certain way, you'd most likely react to everything differently than you'd normally do. It's not only specific to you but rather, as humans we all have that. What is deeply rooted inside our mind is what usually goes out of it, uncovering thus, plenty of inconsistencies and issues which we may either be aware of or not, yet we inevitably still suffer from. You would most likely feel that, at some points in time, you're living mind free with no issues whatsoever, yet somehow, someone would still manage to try to offend you or create problems or so commonly called drama. This doesn't happen because the person in question hates you, it simply happens because they live in a state where they suffer from something specific in which, altering their mind, would most likely make them project whatever that is onto everybody around them. Think about it in that way, when there’s something in our mind and it’s bothering you, it does create a certain anxiety in your system that makes you sometimes overreact to things or maybe makes you avoid meeting people etc. This is common because when we tend to live through something, we do feel à certain anxiety within us that does actually alter our perception of life, thus when we feel bad or when we drown in negative emotion, we tend to see life as black and dark and when we’re drown in positive emotion, we tend to see life in a more pinkish fashion. This perception is merely one image of the effect that these emotions or the emotions created by the first stimulation -In this case, what’s making you miserable- other images is how your pattern of behavior is altered to in a way that many of us would get impulsive because of such things. We do understand that we say foolish things when we’re mad, it’s common sense. We do lack however, the understanding that as humans we continuously live under positive and bad emotions, we’re more prone to negative emotions because of a personality trait called Neuroticism. This continuous stimulations and emotional response does flunctuate our own behaviors which makes us not only project the emotion to another but sometime even the subject that is causing us tat anxiety. If it works for you, then it should most likely work for others around you. If you happen to be in a situation where someone is projecting his miseries onto you, what you can do in this is to understand the pattern and don't react much. If you reply to insults like a rock, what would the abuser gain?

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