Palestine, the land of goodbye.

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

December 2020,

Badge: The first place winner of the 2020 M.W.Y.C


The land of goodbye

The one stabbed in the back by its own soil

Turned to ashes by the black burning oil

And here we are the sons of this land wondering why

Why you were left alone

With broken wings and a fading tone

You griefly cried out so loud

But nobody heard you in this foolish crowd

Only me a lost child looked at you from a far crying cloud

They were willingly wrapping you in a white shining shroud

On the golden sand and with filthy hands

You were killed and burried in unknown lands

Unable to act i had to watch

A terrible and cruel scene of such

With fake freedom you were reshaped

And from all your rights you were blindly raped

Who should we blame for such injustice

That made you silently yelp

Is it true that for many years we didn't notice?

Your loud painful cries begging for help

My only weapon is my plume

Inky lettres filling every corner of my room

Spelling the story of you the forgotten motherland

This might not be the end but surely the start of a dark end.

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