Thousands of teens nowadays got overthinking problems, I am not going to ignore that also adults and old people have this problem, but the majority are teens. Basically, overthinking is the fact that the person cannot stop thinking about the same thought, and he keeps worrying a lot, which could lead him to make an end to his life, or have suicidal ideation.

is there a solution for that?

Of course, every problem on this earth has a solution but the only thing that the person should do is always to believe that he could heal and to delete all these suicidal ideas from his mind, this is the first step.

The next step is to follow these five solutions that I am going to mention, I know that some teens nowadays are so lazy to follow such steps to heal but that's the game, you have to be patient if you want something good.

The first and the easiest step to start with is keeping yourself busy, that could sound strange but it's actually effective, talking from my own experience because I had overthinking problems too, and I could overcome it starting from this step. the thing is, you have to find something that keeps you busy, if you are a student you can focus only on your studies or maybe choose a domain that you are interested in and start learning, by the time you will see that there is something that is more important than what you are worried about, because teens are worrying only about " non-sense things" like fights between friends, breaking up between couples and so on. Once you will apply this step in your life you will discover the difference.

the second solution is focusing on the positive sides, one of the hardest steps to apply and that takes time, but it's not that hard if you believe that life is not always about winning, and there are always struggles. you have to expect bad things to happen to you and to be positive about them too, because sometimes bad things could turn out to be the right thing, this process of thinking positively is as I mentioned hard but yet effective too. talking from my own experience, I was always a negative person and I’ve always been blaming myself for stuff that happens either to me or to close people, but one day I realized that this life is not always pink, and struggling is what shows the real you, I am not going to lie, now I love struggles and to be in such hard situations, because here where I know that I am a strong person and that I am able to fight for my own life, so try to appreciate your self and to not be mad when things do not go as you expected, because when you believe eventually you get.

The third one seems to be also difficult but not as long as you applied the previous one, this one is changing your mindset, "wow" that seems hard, but trust me it is not as hard as you think, let's first give a brief definition about what is "mindset", this word means a set of beliefs that the person has or principles that the person could not change,

now, you have to write down on a paper all your beliefs and your standards, write all that you think is taking you back to move on in your life, write all that you are always thinking about and worried you, when you finish mentioning them, add in front of each one the reason and the future waited for a solution, after that, make a plan and order them by the first you want to change until the last one, the next thing, is that you should move on to the application, be patient and force yourself to change one by one, it will take time of course but eventually, you will be able to make it, make sure to never give up and never put yourself down, because we are all human-being and no one is perfect, but believe that you want to make the perfect you.

the fourth step is the one that I actually recommend for every kind of person, does not matter if this person is young or teen or old, hanging out with supportive people, being with people who understands your struggles and try to give you advice and support you is the best thing in this world, just imagine that "wow" you will truly feel that you worth and you are able and every negative thought about your self will be deleted due to this kind of persons, talking from my experience, my parents were so supportive, they have never judged my decisions and they were always there beside me, that support who lead me to believe in myself and to stop worrying a lot about my life, even though when sometimes I feel that I didn't do my best they tell me "don't worry dear daughter, you can do it next time we believe in you" and yet I feel so comfortable listening to this words, these words always help me to do my best whenever I fail.

the final one that is not really necessary but it's helpful, it’s meditation, if you know how to meditate, that’s great but if you don't you can learn, of course, there is a lot of videos on YouTube that teach you how to meditate for beginners, 20mins a day is enough for you to do this activity, and you will feel so relaxed after, and also you will feel that your mind is so energetic and that nothing bothers you or annoys you. But it’s not easy to be good in meditation from the first try, of course, you need to keep doing it every day for at least 20mins until it becomes a habit, and until you feel that you are totally relaxed and comfortable.

I hope that you got a lot of information from these 5 steps that I shared to overcome overthinking; I know that it’s not easy but the rule is to make it a habit and to believe that you will eventually destroy this monster.

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