Mountain protector : Aziza Seksiouia

Her name is Aziza- The cherished- daughter of Ibrahim Seksioui. Her last name refers to the ancient tribe of Seksaoua, an old Amazigh people who lived in the High Atlas Mountains near Taroudant. She was raised as every simple girl in the Mountain during the reign of the Merinides dynasty but Heaven blessed her with a charismatic personality, a wise mind, and a charming tongue… She took the road of the Lord and devoted herself through teaching and preaching religion in her tribe. The rocks of the Mountain remember her voice preaching, memorizing the steps of visitors who came seeking refuge, advice, or Divine science. The great work of Aziza is reconciled between the chief of Seksaoua ‘’Abdallah Seksioui” and Merinide governor of Marrakech who brought an army to siege Seksaoua. She spared her people war and that wasn’t anything; her star shined and shined; she became the moral leader of all Seksaoua and other tribes. The governor felt jealous, as it’s said because people loved her rather than feared her. He invited Aziza to his palace in Marrakech, poisoned her, and sent her dead body on a mule to her tribe who buried her, and nowadays a whole village is called ‘’Lalla Aziza” near Chichaoua where her soul rests as a protectress of the Mountain.

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