Morocco to receive covid-19 vaccine

23 January 2021

India's strong relationship with Morocco has led to the delivery of the covid-19 vaccine, 66 million doses were purchased by king Muhammad VI's request, a batch of sinopharm's covid-19 vaccine will be received on Wednesday, January 27th, the ministry's press announcement announced that 2 million doses of Covishield vaccine that is developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford university landed on Moroccan soil today to help begin the vaccination campaign.

The vaccination campaign is assumed to target 33 million population, it will prioritize police officers and Royal Armed Forces officers and teachers aged 45 or over and individuals who are at greater risk of infection including health officials aged 40 or over, and elderly people aged 75 and up. The ministry has informed the Moroccan people that the campaign is set to be launched next week.

Citizens from these categories above can obtain an appointment to receive the vaccine at

The ministry said that residents and citizens can also send a text message for free to "1717" starting from Sunday to make an appointment and know the exact location where their vaccination is going to take place.

The ministry also reassured all citizens that the vaccines that Morocco chose are safe and efficient against the virus.

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