Morocco's first case of the new covid-19 strain detected

19 January 2021,

The Moroccan ministry of health has announced the detection of the first new covid-19 strain case om Moroccan soil; a Moroccan citizen coming home from Ireland was detected at the Tangier Med port as a carrier of the new covid-19 virus strain in January 18, 2021. The Moroccan virus carrier arrived on a ship from Marseille France.

Authorities have confirmed that the carrier does not show any symptoms of the moment and that he started isolating in Casablanca, and that his contacts were dealt with in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to the ministry of health 473 new covid-19 cases was detected in the last 24 hours to make it a total of 460, 141 cases since the thought of the epidemic (March,2nd 2022)


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