Morocco, Israel, and The United States of America.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

December 2020,

In a space and time where Morocco will be establishing full diplomatic relations, and officially resumes contact with Israel.

Thursday the 10th was a historical day for both morocco and Israel, the two parties finally stood on common ground to normalise relations in a deal supervised by the United states, making our country the fourth on the list of countries to sit aside the grudge against Israel, in the past few months. The understanding was signed in Rabat by Moroccan prime Minister Saad Dine El Othmani, senior White House Adviser Jared Kushner and Israeli National Security Council head Meir Ben Shabbat.

The agreement wasn’t only beneficial for the two countries, but also for Morocco, as the president of the United States: Donald Trump, publicly recognized the Moroccan’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara, one where there has been a long frustrating territorial dispute with Morocco, and the Algerian backed Polisario Front. This represents a road-map for co-operations in between the three announced countries, basically understandings on the Western Sahara file, Moroccan- Israeli relations, in global, the Establishment of peace and stability in the Middle East. The breakaway of this so said movement has been in the process for so long, the Moroccan army has been able to thwart the scheme of the group, only to fire back with what has been considered, the weakest response.

The annoucement of the Moroccan King includes resuming ties with Israel, treaties has been signed between the two parties include bilateral agreements in the fields of economy, transportation, tourism and water resources,

Palistinians replied to the normalisation deals angrily, the critical response included all the Arab countries that signed the deal, saying that these countries are have a set back, and abandoning the demands that have been standing for way too long: Israel giving up the land for a Palestinian state before it can be given recognition.

The wave of angry statements started with Bassam as-Salhi, one of the speakers of the POEC: Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee: «Any Arab retreat from the Arab Peace Initiative, which stipulates that normalization comes only after Israel ends its occupation of Arab and Palestinian lands, is UNACCEPTABLE» According to Al Jazeera.

As much as this decision upset many leaders, and Arab countries around the world, including Moroccan citizens that has been defending the Palestinian case for ages, the expert on American affairs Mohammed el Ouafi, states it clear and loud that the decision made is not to back up from, the sooner it is accepted the better.

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