Lamentations of a young kitty kat

Ask me about my father Ask me about the origins of my name Ask me if i think the world is ending Why not ask me anything I deeply apologise for thinking that the subject of sex Will bring your undying attention to me I am sorry for thinking that the type of my clothing is what will make you glance at me But I was right and you sir have all the reasons to do so So you can seek purpose in forearm touches and waist grabs Cleavage lingers that soon turns into heavy stairs, and More room for backround questions and sex adventures Daydreams about my mouth having different uses other than speaking And I ll laugh it off when you and your friends call me Dumbledore because I am the Head-master I can only laugh in sugaring loving manner Because if I don't I am not a cool girl Cool girl is the girl with looks for sale The only currency she accepts is your undying attention Yet you can only ask me if I am free tonight Or any other night because only at night Cool boys and cool girls can gather around and do cool things I do not and could never blame you for what you cannot preseve After all you're just a man with rightful wandering no-to-depth eyes I can only blame myself because I have excuses for layered deep V necklines And playfull picklines and batted eyelashes to geography and gym teachers I can only blame myself for taking the whole concept of femininity and framing it on What you desire on what you find attractive hot, tight, so I can feel wanted by you I blame myself for considering my body as an endurance tool A way to survive in this oh so cold world And they dare call it pretty privilege Ask me what kinda porn I am into And I will take you on a magical odyssey to fantastic norms and where to find them What turns me on is A quiet walk down my neighbourhood A simple premonade without roaming eyes reminding me That my worth revolves on what's on my chest or behind my back A walk with my safety intact without constant worry that it could be penetrated It I wasn't careful Do my oversized ill fitting clothes provoke you or did you gain laser eyes now that you Can see through them? Tell me wanderer, did I grow fur and a tail so you can catcall me? Do I not resemble to be the age of a sister, a daughter? Yet I am told my porn is impractical What turns me on is a world without men So ask me Ask me Ask me...

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