Is Elon Musk a Real-life Supervillain?

Even though there is no superman for him to daydream about destroying, many people said that Elon Musk is the real-life Lex Luthor§ Is he really a palm rubbing villain under that whole philanthropist act? Or is he truly a good Samaritan seeking to make the Earth a better place?

Away from comic books, let's look at the facts. Musk introduced electric cars for the purpose of lowering the emission of Carbon in the air, but ended up surprising car enthusiasts by making a supercar that can challenge both the JDM and the Euro Cars in their performances! Tesla cars entered the car scene and made space for their brand that is now acknowledged by the car community from the drivers to the manufacturers.

Elon Musk also created SpaceX and is launching countless rockets into Orbit as he aims at providing free internet access all around the world. This could be a huge step into bringing the world together. It can bleed into all aspects of human life, from its economy to its educational system all the way to its entertainment.

Pure influence! His influence on Twitter is almost godly! Back in February, he made several tweets about the Crypto Currency Dogecoin resulting in a surge of more than 60%. A tweet as simple as "#bitcoin" with a broken heart emoji next to it by Musk caused the bitcoin to drop by 6%. So it's needless to say that our potential Lex Luthor has an immaculate influence on the bird app dwellers!

Elon's net worth is currently 304.3 billion US dollars, which makes him the richest man in history, surpassing Jeff Besos and Bill Gates by almost 100 billion.

Back to the realm of comics, these facts mirror two famous characters: Lex Luthor and Tony Stark. Elon embodies their ambition, wealth, influence, and even charisma. And all the facts that were aforementioned above are double-edged swords. Let us explain how.

The Tesla cars can be a way to have control over transportation or a way to save the Earth and prolong its lifespan long enough for our great-grandchildren to live on it. SpaceX could be a means to populate the other planets in our solar system and provide internet access to the whole world, or it could be a way to have total and absolute surveillance over the entire globe. Elon Musk’s influence and wealth could sway the population from normal citizens up to CEOs who work together, bond, love, and prosper together –I can even go the extra mile and say that his influence and wealth can create a utopia, or he can merely use them to his personal gains, be them financial or political.

There is no way to know what a man like Elon might do, for it's hard to predict his moves!

So I leave you to ponder these questions: is he a supervillain? Or is he a selfless philanthropist? Is he the people's billionaire? Or is this just an elaborate act hiding a bigger scheme?

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