Golden States Warriors Trio- The Three Musketeers

“All for one and one for all” is best known as the motto of the title characters in the book The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. Based on this motto, the Golden State Warriors trio could not stay down for a long time and after 3 years since they last won a ring, the dubs’ trio, as their fans love to call them, became the first franchise since 1985 to close out a title run in the green land, Boston. There might be some differences between The Three Musketeers and the Golden State Warriors’ trio. Yet, it is a different era and with different morals. The San Francisco Warriors’ historical era started after discovering the blueprint to finding franchise-based talent in the NBA draft. The Warrior's Three Musketeers Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green that won four titles in eight years were all picked through the NBA draft. In the 2009 NBA draft, the Warriors sure found a true gem by acquiring Stephen Curry as No.7 overall. However, the latter had lots of weaknesses thrown at him; Steph is not a real point guard, the college system makes him difficult to evaluate, and he relies too heavily on the outside shot. Since then, The Warriors’ leader ATHOS has done a lot of work to prove them wrong, after being the NBA greatest shooter ever with the unbelievable precision of his shots; winning him 4 NBA championships, NBA Finals MVP, Western Conference Finals MVP, 1st All-time in 3 pointers made in NBA history, 2x NBA Most Valuable Player, NBA All-Star Game MVP, 8× NBA All-Star, 8× All-NBA selection. In 2011 NBA draft, the Warriors has done it again by selecting ARAMIS of the team, Klay Thompson 11th overall. Coming to the league, Klay had more strengths than weaknesses, he showed an excellent aura having been around the game his entire life as the son of former #1 overall pick Mychal Thompson (1978), Klay was acknowledged as one of the top pure prolific outside shooters with a defined role for the league level. Otherwise, his major weakness was his athleticism as it gets exposed in the transition and his lack of great foot speed. However, Klay is a 4 time NBA champion, 5 time NBA All-Star player and he displayed one of the most legendary games in NBA history against the Chicago Bulls on October 29, 2018, as ARAMIS of the San Francisco Warriors melodramatically drained the most threes in the game (14 three-points) to break the league’s record held by his Splash-bro Stephen Curry (13 three-points). After only one year, the Warriors had four draft picks in the 2012 NBA draft, a crucial draft year that was essential to add a good addition to the Splash-Brothers. The picks included Harrison Barnes with the 7th pick, Festus Ezeli with the 30th pick, Draymond Green with the 35th pick, Ognjen Kuzmic with the 52nd pick, and only one of them was loud enough to talk himself out to the world. Despite being just a young player, Green quickly became the vocal leader of the Warriors; the tone-setter of his locker room, both on and off the field. The player to set up the culture makes him PORTHOS in this trio. After slipping all the way to the #35 pick, their improvements of Green were undeniable. Per Synergy Sports Technology, “after relying on pick-and-roll and cuts to score a bulk of his points as an underclassman, Green eventually flipped the script and saw his usage and production rise down on the block and behind the arc. Still, Green's lack of a true position, uninspiring athleticism, and average lateral quickness was a problem, which is why it was “ tough to project him as an adequate NBA defender.” Source: ©DraftExpress. After winning the NBA championship against Boston Celtics in Game 6, The Dubs’ core trio had its 32nd game of the NBA Finals, for a 19th success in the space of six series. That’s been 19 victories that make The Golden State’s Big Three match another great trio in the history of the NBA, that of the San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker, Tim Duncan et Manu Ginobili. The Warriors continue to make history, even in 2022. Working with The Three Musketeers' motto “All for one, and one for all” the Big Three is mainly like the Big One nowadays, this number 19 represents the longevity and success of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green trio. Because being in the same category as the famous Spurs Trio is still quite huge. All eyes on the 21.

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