Fantasy Bubbles. (a self explanatory article)

There is a very weird misconception of the term “writer”. People see a writer as a person who can prescribe the medicine for pain. A writer is a person than can make you believe, change, become or even make something supernatural out of yourself. While that in some cases might be true, thus a writer is rarely taken seriously in real life. Some other writers are seen as maniacs, lost in translation, utter buffers. The ones who have taken it upon themselves to explain what a writer must and must not be; called philosophers. The line between a philosopher and crazy is very thin.

Some of the most famous authors were pronounced legends for writing fiction, romance, ultimate bull sacks if you ask me. But who am I to judge? On some levels, I am indeed a writer. On other levels I am a maniac, some might even say a philosopher.

The ones in the lead of this “writing” game, ruined it. It is more likely for you to find a book based on bunch of lies and opinions about something that doesn’t exist, as the bestselling. While a book that speaks the truth from the most honest perspective, is being shut down, shut out, shut anywhere but in a library. I don’t want to give examples so J.K Rolling won’t feel triggered. But as an editor, writer, and vice president of a writer’s association, I have never been amused with those shenanigans. A story made up of fiction and misunderstood ideas, aiming for a certain presumed idea or concept. This is the case for many other writers and authors. The difference here is how far would a writer or author go to mislead you then give you a life lesson?

If I’m being honest, I think that the writings that moved me the most are the ones based on a real story. Something that I don’t necessarily feel linked to, but at least I could feel the reality and honesty in every word in the so said book. A captivating theme, a moving climax, and a resolution that keeps me hooked, even when the story ends.

Yes, from this you might conclude that I’m a huge fan of realism. But why not ?

However, I keep saying, who am I to judge after all! I’m nothing but a reader, and a frequent reader makes an author.

Basma El Hajami

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