Be a black hole

Be a black hole, do you remember the first black hole ever captured was on the 10th of April 2019? The majority of people said that it's not beautiful and it's not that attractive! ``I'm not among them``. That supermassive black hole *M87*, I'm sure that it doesn't care about what these people say about it, and it still attracting stars and all the beautiful celestial objects that are close to it. For me, it's a very beautiful black hole, and imagine its name is black as the scientists named it because at first, they couldn't even see it by telescopes, but we can see in that picture it's orange because of that ring event horizon. The message here is that you shouldn't care about what do people say or think about you. You are beautiful in your own way, love yourself for who you are, love your shape, your color, your skin, what you do... And everything about you. Love yourself !! Nobody will recognize your beauty! And nobody knows what you can do! Motivate yourself! Be your audience, be your fan! Be a Blackhole..! 🧡🧡

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