Art inside you.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

16 January 2021,

Art speaks to us in many ways, it is the hidden meaning in love, pain, happiness, and in words.

To be introduced to different types of art and understand it has become an eye-opening experience for everyone who has been able to do so, ‘’art inside you'’ is a concept made by Boutayna Elantoumi, today’s artist, she has spoken her thoughts and image throughout her art, the drawings are mainly based to eyes and tears, a way she found to speak silently about the chaos surrounding her, and the world above, she studies her art through the eye of her soul.

It is very outstanding, considering what some people call ‘’art’’, the definition got diversified during the last decade, but the concept remains the same: the study of nature.

For our artist, the specific nature that allows her to communicate her soul to us is, people: a distinctive face, sometimes, it’s the face that she creates out of the imagination led by a text, or sometimes, a song. It is truly fascinating, the ability to create such unique figures out of the lake of our own thoughts, creativity.

Her journey started around the age of 15, with a portrait, and thanks to the supportive family she has, the journey still continues till today, quote: ‘’ it is such a blessing to have an older sister like mine, her support was and still all I need’’. Yet, the struggle of getting a larger group of people to understand what she draws, the hidden meaning and so on, hits in the face every time, she said: ‘’ Most people assume I’m an atheist or satanic which is funny, you can see how narrow their mindset is, they still think art is all about painting trees and blue skies, My art beyond that, when you look at it it makes you feel something and that’s the point, I do not explain my art to people because I want their inner subconscious mind to explain it, and I believe that each one of us has a deep and different way of seeing and understanding things, and that’s exactly what I’m aiming for.’’

Inspired by artists such as Ray Ceasar, though the difference that is held between the two artists is pretty noticeable, as such, her hand finds its way to her inner soul, a higher Goddess, to whatever it spells, she paints. The goal is not only to make herself proud but to also reach people’s minds, and come to an artistic orgasm.

Though other people’s negative thoughts and opinions don’t really ring a bell in Boutayna’s opinion, she still would like to reflect whatever she feels, sees, and thinks, holding her painting brush and paper: an artist’s best friend.

''art inside you'' artwork is available on Instagram, and is purchasable.

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