A slingshot on human nature

There's no such thing as an evil person. One must consider that what they take as an evil deed done by someone only reflects how that person thinks and their own cognitive patterns. For instance, if you think a narcissist is evil you'd be totally disregarding that what makes him a narcissist in the first place is the fact that he can not distinguish between whether what he's doing is evil or good. If you assume that someone was wrong to abandon you at a given moment, you might need to look at how many times he walked out from good relationships, good opportunities, or even from their own work. They're not evil because they did, the truth is, they're suffering either from abandonment issues or self-sabotage patterns. Of course, this analogy is not always correct, each situation should be understood as one of its own but the idea is quite clear. It was Socrates that said that evil only comes unintentionally. A thought that quite never reasoned within me because I always thought we had control over what we do and that some people are just sick or plainly psychopaths because they hurt us, we do forsake that we, ourselves, hurt others or ourselves unintentionally on many occasions. As it was Marcus Aurelius that said that people project their suffering onto others. It is needless to say that anyone projecting their misery onto someone else can only do that subconsciously. The truth is, we're way more fucked up than we'll ever assume to be and that contrasts on our own lives in so many ways.

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