A fool's wisdom: Full analysis of Andrew Tate's censorship


This is by no means a defense of Andrew Tate, nor standing by misogyny, hate speech, or criminal activity. We stand publically to state that women shall be respected and not violated by no means, and everyone is entitled to equal rights.

This simply trying to take wisdom even from a fool's mouth and look at the facts as they're without getting dragged by emotion. If you're with or against Andrew please read this unbiasedly and try to form your opinion afterward. If you're underage or easily influenced please don't try to read this.

“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” a famous quote from the impressive George R.R. Martin that was used for years to represent the silenced activists, especially from the left. Certainly, the activists have been silenced for a long time by governments and extremists, yet they finally got their earned win by letting the truth out. Recently, if you look at who uses this quote the most, you'd stumble upon hundreds or maybe thousands of Mr. Tate's loyal fans and supporters who were devastated by Top g's latest censorship from all platforms and the easy win of the left, especially the extreme feminist movements. Andrew found himself locked outside all of his accounts and claimed being threatened and his family multiple times by "hate mobs", including his brother Tristan who shares this journey with him. That ban made me wonder why someone who they'd describe as ignorant, stupid, and misogynistic would get banned and silenced from all platforms without previous warning. Which led me to look at the facts and events that have happened over the course of the last few weeks.

Andrew addressed these events with Adin ross that grew fond of him through multiple shared podcasts and said that he understands that META needs to make people feel heard and follow their demands that became threats. The alleged "hate mobs" started blaming META for allowing this type of speech to roam their platforms. Tiktok joined soon after to announce his ban. However, he states that he understands that business is business and nothing was personal. He went into further details in his one hour and 13 min video that he uploaded to a website explaining in detail his personal life, choices, and journey into fame; he reflected upon his actions and the hate mobs that were a reason for his ban. He explains that the ban wouldn't solve anything and his clips were taken out of context most importantly he never shared any of those clips but rather many pages circled around, and if it's not Andrew Tate, there will always be someone else to blame. That phrase in itself could give you goosebumps whether you agree with him or not because that line has so much truancy to it. The cancel culture started in the early 2010s and since then many big names have been targets of censorship. After decades of the left being a small minority, it transformed now to being the "mob" that can take down anyone or anything including companies, brands, or even small businesses. Many have fallen victim to it such as Liam Neeson, Louis CK, Kevin Hart, and recently Dave Chapelle. It has been rough years for comedy, entertainment, and even freedom of speech in general. You could express your opinion in the wrong words once, and you can kiss your career goodbye. From a small cashier who gets a camera pointed at them to the stars on stage who can make one wrong joke, and they're out of media platforms regardless of their attempts to take it back. Show business has always been known for being rough and very selective, and you're out of business as soon as you stop selling tickets. Now, show business is in the pocket of the audience, and they can scroll through it all day long. The walk to fame has become so easy yet so easy to lose, and it's controlled mostly by mobs who mostly are kids in their homes "brainwashed" to love this and hate that. Andrew on itself is just a trend that's up today and gone tomorrow, and he's going viral didn't only provoke people but also raised a mirror into our society to show how flawed it is. This extends from the countless individuals, mostly males, who feel overwhelmed and can't speak about it to millions who are one bad day away from taking their own lives. These underdogs didn't find Andrew Tate interesting because of his money or power but rather because of his deep understanding of a man's position in nowadays society. He took it to the extreme, but if you listen carefully to some people who follow him, you'd understand he's not gathering criminals or gangsters, he's gathering the weak and minorities. I'm not talking about ethnicities or LGBTQ+ or even religions; it's all about the invisible people who have been struggling for years. You may have come across one today, your waiter, your plumber, or even your coworker who's off quiet. These people in my opinion are the most dangerous because they've been under severe pressure and distress, and they live a life that's close to violence. We've seen this in the late mass shootings and the rise in terrorism. It may be sometimes about ideologies or influences, but the root of all evil is the poor mental health and the hellish world we've created, and expect our youth to just dive into heads first and just know how to handle it. Believe me! Look subjectively at the whole matter, and you'd understand. Most of the pro-ban protesters were claiming that kids watch his videos and learn bad behaviors and morals from him, but that raises so many questions, why are kids in an age where they're easily influenced by watching content freely without parental supervision? and why the algorithm feeds Tate's videos to people below 18? Why these kids are easily influenced if their parents are raising them the right way? Because we're taking one problem out but we're leaving the source because if it's not Andrew it might be wost it could be predators or terrorist groups... Jordan Peterson said you have to learn discipline and mentioned that you have to be a monster. These individuals have strong opinions; are wildly disliked by the influencers of the left, and are very different in opinions and lifestyles. One is a professional athlete and business guru, and one is a renowned psychology professor and lecturer; however, they have one thing in common which is being an honest heartfelt male role model. Even though they have a minority of female audience, the majority are looking for guidance, and you can see it in an interview with Professor Jordan B Peterson; while crying he expressed, "they feel I'm on their side". He highlighted that people nowadays need so little encouragement while everybody is so depressed and nihilistic that they need just a little boost. He received more than 30 thousand thank you letters just for the words that he shares, especially how he feels so sad and depressed when he meets a young man who tells him how he changed his life because he realizes how our society is doomed in its advancements. We basically started living in our own version of the Black Mirror, and I don't think we'll have a happy grand finale. Coming back to what Tate said as if it's not him it would be someone else. Many people don't know the story of Paul Miller known as Gypseycrusader who lost his life due to ANTIFA who's a known movement of the left party. Paul was just an independent journalist before ANTIFA ruined his life completely by threats and following him shoulder to shoulder until getting him fired from his job, gym, competitions, and even as a journalist. So, he just had to become the villain they depicted him as, and he went to the extreme right-wing. That didn't stop them until he was put in jail. Paul is one of many, and as Andrew said in his final message, hate only brings more hate; what the left is doing is only heating up the scene for more Andrews and Pauls to show, and for hopeless individuals to follow them religiously. People have spent so much money on hustlers' universities and that shows you how desperate people are for a change no matter how that change is shaped either by Andrew or trump or even violence. If Andrew scared the left, I can't imagine what's going to happen in the following next years because mass shootings seem to be nothing compared to what's coming. The balance has swung too far into the woke culture, and now, we have no idea where it might come back to. I've mentioned this multiple times in my recent publication Moroccan Rhapsody: "When you put people in a position to beg for their lives daily, a scene filled with tragedy, poverty, and struggle, simply the outcome would be crazy werewolves that do crimes of all kinds, bodies filled with pain, anger, selfishness, and most importantly resign to the society that put them on their knees. . I can't understand how you don't see it, we're all alone in the universe, we're the last humans to survive, yet all you think about is to push forward with this toxic mentality." "In the end, I'm sorry! I couldn't be your protagonist. You chant the name that came up with a solution, but I am the villain that held the mirror to your face, to show you how ugly this society has become. You may hate me all you want, but at the end of the day, I am just the reflection of your actions" What most people don't understand is that Tate won't be the last nor the worst, and most of his haters are just influencers who ride the wave for clout. There will come more and much worse because he isn't a bad individual, but he is just a representation of our mistakes. If our society was doing well, he wouldn't have any followers. He didn't hold the gun to anybody's head to share his posts or his clips nor did he ask anyone to follow his mindset. Most people who hate him actually are people who never listened to him subjectively and followed one of his podcasts episode. This by no means is an advocating for Mr. Tate or misogyny or any bad influence, but rather I use this as a wake-up call for you and me because if we were kind enough towards the world, we wouldn't have this much hate circling around, we wouldn't have this much violence, and especially our general mental health wouldn't be this bad. You may hate him or love him, but he helped people and motivated many, and especially showed us that the woke culture became the same monster it was fighting. It became a mob that dictates what was right and what was wrong and chooses who's right and who's wrong regardless of their talent and capabilities. It rather only cares about their opinions and ideologies, and it censors anyone against them. Seems familiar enough? It's for the same things that activism was started for, and now it replicates. In the end, is Andrew Tate wrong? absolutely yes, he says so much wrong stuff, and violence against women would never solve anything. Nobody should stand by what he says concerning women, and even some of his view on Gym, life, money, and mental health is true but marketing it in a violent way is not the right way to do it. But his censorship and how he was treated is unfair because he wasn't the one sharing the clips nor did he gets a fair trial or warning, at the end of the day he is more of the wake-up call we need to reevaluate where we are as a society and rethink our common values. I grew to believe that wisdom can be found in our most foolish individuals, and Andrew was here to wake us up, and now it's u to us as a society of the world to take care of our weakest to be stronger together. Censorship and hate won't solve any of our big problems, but rather they will only hide them for a certain period of time. Don't believe me? Sneako is a new streamer who does the same thing as the Tate brother and now he is gaining attraction and coming up, and even Tristan publicly passed the torch to him. The world is bigger Than Tate and his haters. Shall we educate our kids properly, and change our set of values to have a better society, or just keep censorship and pray to dear god things will magically change? So, what would you choose? Always remember, Choose wisely!

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