December 2020,

Badge: The second place winner of the 2020 M.W.Y.C

Today I woke up to the birds’ tweets and chirps. I opened my eyes to gaze at the beautiful sunbeams penetrating the window to discover my room. I got up, facing those rays I felt their heat covering my face. It was a very warm feeling, waking up to such calmness and feeling such serenity. I looked outside the window, all I saw were green gables and some birds flying in the clear blue sky. I spent some few days in that place where I was discovering who I truly am. Such place is the only escapade needed to run away from the city rush and the toxic routine. I forgot for a couple of days everything that is related to the outside world; it was just me and nature. I filled my lungs everyday with a clean fresh air and I danced with the rhymes of the little birds on the small veranda. I went out for morning walks everyday holding a warm cup of coffee and listening to the sound of silence. There were some low voices, but there were nothing but some moos and baas coming out from some barns nearby. After every morning walk, I went back to my place, sat on the porch and read my favourite book; at that moment, it was 40 rules of love by Elif Shafak. Reading that book made me feel a change within me, being at that place too. I was no longer that girl who can be easily influenced by the outside world, I felt like a new born who was spending months as a foetus inside a loving mother’s womb and came out new and unharmed to this polluted world. The only difference is that I was already aware of how to deal with any coming circumstance in my life. Wake up! I heard my mom saying. That place was indeed an escape, but it was only in my dreams. I woke up, I had my breakfast while listening to news about the increasing cases of corona virus. Then I spent the rest of my day between the same four walls, reading my beautiful companion “40 rules of love”.

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