"Don't worry too much, that's how you'll end up getting hurt", I said without looking over at my shoulder. 

The kid stared with his bright eyes sparkling with tears, and sweaty shaking hands which couldn't handle their first abandonment. I looked over to realize my advice wasn't for him but rather for me: I realized that no matter how much we grew up we're still that kid in the playground waiting for a mommy that will never arrive. I realized that life isn't all sugar and candy like we once dreamed it would be, but rather tears and blood drips. I walked towards him and proceeded: "Worrying makes it tough, and bad things will happen regardless of how good of a person you are! Maybe you never skip classes and are saving up extra cash for the needy, maybe recycling even; but when bad news hit, the mail man wouldn't skip your door step.


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Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory _ 有时你不知道一时刻的
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